APROP open house days

APROP has been completed and waiting for visitors before the arrival of its residents

The first APROP building (Alojamientos de Proximidad Provisionales) -Close Proximity Temporary Housing- has been designed by Straddle3, Yaiza Terré and Eulia Architecture and promoted by the Department of Social Rights of Barcelona City Council as an alternative model of emergency public housing in the heart of Barcelona city, in Barri Gotic, Ciutat Vella, promoting the right to housing and right to the city for its inhabitants, mostly affected by real estate pressure.


The project is also different than other public housing projects in respect of rethinking the resources of material. APROP Ciutat Vella consists of 12 units, 8 single and 4 double, all constructed out of shipping containers, which have already finished their useful life. The containers are customized in the workshop with openings, insulation layers, installations and interior claddings and then transferred to the construction site to be assembled and completed with exterior finishings. The ground floor and the rooftop of the building are designed as indoor-outdoor communal spaces for the residents and neighbours. 


The building is positioned allowing cross ventilation through all the units. Transparent polycarbonate outer shell of the double facade maximizes the solar uptake, at the same time gives space for a small balcony and provides privacy. Sound and heat insulation were taken especially into consideration to avoid previous problems have been faced in different projects built with containers. Moreover, the units are equipped with underfloor heating system for optimum energy-cost efficiency. 


The construction of APROP has been completed and next week the keys will be delivered to its new residents. The process in total took only 7 months, 3 months in the workshop and 4 months after the containers arrived at the construction site. This experience shows us that it is possible to provide housing in such a short time with a more affordable budget. The system also allows its dismantle and re-construction on another location, since the system is designed for the use of disused lots, allowing its provisionality when appropriate.


Before the arrival of the residents, on 17th and 18th January the building will be open for visitors, who wants to have the opportunity to be inside and discover the building from different perspectives.