obtaining void

obtaining void

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Obtainment of voids

"The strategy consists in obtaining rights of occupation - provisional or permanent - of the soil where the landfill will take place."

The next step in the strategy is to make sure that there is a temporary or permanent change in the plot that is going to be filled. This requires the conjugation of two simultaneous procedures.

On the one hand, we must take full advantage of all the legal instruments currently available in the City Council to obtain soil in consolidated tissues.

At the same time, it will be necessary to promote legal and planning changes to expand the current capacity of the consistory.

In the case of building vacuums of public ownership - for example, municipal lots or installations and infrastructures - which is probably the most operative, it will be necessary to make compatible its urbanistic qualification with the insertion of units of inclusive repopulation, as well as to negotiate The transfer of occupancy rights if the land belongs to other administrations. In the case of building vacuums of private ownership, the instruments of obtaining of land will have to conjugate a double attitude with respect to the owners, based on the restriction and the incentivation.

Through punitive measures - in case of bad practices - and compensatory ones - in the case of good will - it will be necessary to appeal to the owners of estates with voids available about the inherent social responsibility of the private property so that empty lots and buildings which do not exhaust their buildability cede the available space in

the centric and consolidated neighborhoods.

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